All customers will be held to the same standard when it comes to understanding our terms and conditions of our policies. If there is any miscommunication or issues with the policies listed, they must be addressed to our company via email : info@sadboysaga.com. If the customer fails to contact us about any problems they have with our policies before they place their order, the issue will not be addressed or resolved.


If an item is labeled in the description as a PREORDER, all orders placed on this item must have check our terms and conditions box before they place their PREORDER on that particular item. Customers will not be able to complete their purchase until they have selected this box and ALL customers are responsible for reading the terms and conditions for the PREORDER before they check the box to complete their purchase. Details on shipping times will be listed vividly in detail in each customer's order confirmation which will be sent to them via email. After purchasing a PREORDERED item, you are now fully committed to abiding by the duration of the PREORDER duration and will have to wait the duration of the process to have your item delivered. For updates on your PREORDER, we suggest your to follow our INSTAGRAM : @thesadboysaga, where we will post updates every few days on the progress of your PREORDER. All emails about order progress will not be answered until the bulk order for that desired product is completed and being shipped to each of the customers. Thank you


If an item is labeled in the description as a PRE-MADE & READY TO SHIP, all orders placed on this item requires the customer to agree to our terms and conditions box before they place their order on that particular item. By checking this box the customer agrees to understanding that although the average shipment can take 3-5 business days, items may take 2-3 business days to process and up to 7-14 business to ship.


When making any purchases through our company, all purchases are FINAL. This means if an item is labeled as a PREORDER in the description of that particular product, refunds and chargebacks will not be accepted because we have installed a TERMS AND CONDITIONS box that is listed before completing your purchase saying that you accept the wait times and abide by our companies PREORDER fulfillment and our PREMADE & READY TO SHIP fulfillment.


All purchases cannot be refunded or items will not be returned unless item is shown being defected or damaged within 1 week of the arrival of the delivery. To contact us about refunds and item exchanges, please reach out to our email team : info@sadboysaga.com